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Mallorca - Es Trenc

Written by Yvonne, Jule, Marco & Thomas
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Es Trenc is one of the most popular beaches of Majorca. For reason of its white sand and turqoise waters, Es Trenc reminds many visitors of the Caribbean, even though there are no palms. The broad, shallow shelf of the beach increases its attractivness, especially for families with children. It is only the damage to the dune landscape, which is consequently diminishing, wrought by the stream of tourists, that mars this picture of natural beauty. Since Es Trenc is subjected to a stream of up to 10,000 visitors in the high season summer months, a comprehensive programme of restoration has been initiated.

In view of Es Trenc’s eminent suitability to nude bathing, a large number of controversial opinions have been doing the rounds of the internet forums, such as in the German naturalist forums. For this reason, we would like to post the latest updates here. The following information stems from our personal research and experiences in 2007 and 2008. We visited the beach frequently to gather impressions.

Large View

Here you find an aerial photo of the beach which gives an impression of its full extent. The middle stretch of beach which is flanked and practically fenced in by Franco-era bunkers is officially given over to nude bathing. Sometime in the dim, dark past some joker chiselled “FKK” – Freie Körperkultur – the abbreviation of the German term for ‘Nudism’ or ‘Naturism’ onto a wall of the bunker. Be warned, though – you can’t really go by this impromptu sign. We’ll go into this in more detail below.

The beach’s nudist flair, Overview

It can actually happen that, depending on which part of the beach you go to, that you find yourself in a section of the beach peopled by naturists and you get your clothes off as quickly as possilble and jump happily into the water - and the next day, at the same place, clothed bathers predominate and nude bathers are in the minority.
A piece of advice: on days like these, it is advisable to walk along the beach until you find a suitable place. At some point on your trek you should either find a section of beach predominated by nude bathers, or you establish a nude-bather’s area by settling yourselves in at a sooner sparsely frequented stretch of beach. Within minutes or at maos, hours, you will attract other like-minded people who will bathe in the nude.

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