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Nudebathing in Spanien - Editorial

Written by Tina, Yvonne & Hans-Georg

This information portal was conceived for vacationers in Spain who wish to incorporate a return to nature into their holiday leisure pursuits and sunbathe or swin in the nude. If you happen to be looking for an erotic portal, a swinger club or anything of the like, though, kindly look elsewhere using a search engine of your choice, then this site is dedicated simply to the most natural thing in the world – nudism or naturism.

Girl in the nude at beach
Girl in the nude at beach
Herbert Hesselmann

In the course of the years Spain has developed into a virtual naturist’s paradise. A well-known nudist website lists up to 90 beaches and coves with nudist facilities. This does not seem to have happened only because of vacationers with naturist inclinations. Spaniards themselves have discovered the joys of bathing in the nude.

Mallorca - Es Trenc

Written by Yvonne, Jule, Marco & Thomas

Es Trenc is one of the most popular beaches of Majorca. For reason of its white sand and turqoise waters, Es Trenc reminds many visitors of the Caribbean, even though there are no palms. The broad, shallow shelf of the beach increases its attractivness, especially for families with children. It is only the damage to the dune landscape, which is consequently diminishing, wrought by the stream of tourists, that mars this picture of natural beauty. Since Es Trenc is subjected to a stream of up to 10,000 visitors in the high season summer months, a comprehensive programme of restoration has been initiated.

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Mallorca - Playa el Mago

Written by Tina, Marcus & Georg
Playa el Mago - Nude Beach at Mallorca Playa del Mago which is nearly completely surrounded by rocky outcroppings, is a small, appealingly picturesque beach cove west of Palma and south of Magaluf or Sol de Mallorca.
It is ostensibly an officially sanctioned nude-bathing beach, but luckily enough, generally unknown and frequented only largely by Spaniards.
You will find very few mentions of this beach in German nudist/naturist websites. We hope it stays that way.

Mallorca - Playa es Caragol

Written by Tina, Marcus & Georg

Though Playa es Caragol may be accessed only by sea or after a long hike through rocky terrain, it is nonetheless well worth visiting!
Ideal for lovers of secluded and unspoiled beaches far from the madding crowd. Also perfect for those who want to try out nude bathing in discrete and secluded surroundings.

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